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Even though Grim Fandango is often described as one of the best games ever, it is practically impossible for any game to be released without a few mistakes. The mistakes are often hard to find, and only noticable if you're looking for them, so they don't have much of an impact on the game itself. Some of these are from Grim Fandango Central.

If you know of any which aren't listed please let us know. However, make sure it is not already listed as an easter egg.

Story Mistakes

In the introduction movie for the game, Eva says that Manny's boss (Don Copal) wants to talk to him about something when he gets back from his trip. However, when you talk to Eva a little later in the game in an attempt to get the work order signed she thinks that Don is in his office. And if he had told Eva that he was going out on a trip, why did he need to create the rope of ties to sneak out of his office with?

Manny leaves Celso to travel through the Petrified Forest with nothing but a walking stick. Manny and Glottis then use the Bone Wagon to travel through the Petrified Forest, and yet when they get there Celso has already arrived and is owner of the Rubamat.

Celso mentions that his wife died after him, but Velasco tells Manny that she left Rubacava weeks ago, even though this is all happening on the same day Celso died.

Bruno arrives at the Temple Gates in Year 4 after you left him in Year 1. Since each year of the game played takes one day with a one year interval inbetween the journey has taken only three years.

Source: Felipe

During Year 1 while you are inside the Department of Death, when you go into Manny's office, you can see the windows. When you go to the adjacent office of Domino, you can see there are also windows on the same 'wall', the same side of the building, seeing how they're both located opposite the wall with the office entrances that are next to eachother. Yet when you go outside the building, you can see that Domino's office is on a corner, and that Manny\'s office is nowhere to be seen. There's not even room for Manny's office."

Source: Matthias "Grimgroove" DM

Technical Glitches

During the intermission sequence where Manny comes out of the lift is is held up at gunpoint by Charlie, if you save the game, then load it up again, Manny disappears, and his head flashes when he talks. During the time when Manny isn't talking it looks like Charlie is talking to thin air and giving the union card to nobody.

Source: King Dando

When you are on the roof of the Department of Death, bite the mouth guard from Domino's office just before the pigeons chase you. They will cause Manny to 'slide' along the floor.

Source: Kitmit

In Year 4, when you are outside Bowsley's shop, if you walk into the door backwards Manny will open it by reaching through himself.

Source: Matthew

Start climbing the ladder on the leading up to the roof where the pigeons are but don't go far up. Instead start moving down and as if you were a ghost go through the wall of the building. You keep going down but eventually you stop climbing and you can't move anywhere. At which point you need to exit the game.

Source: Salvador

In Year 4 when returning to Rubacava, enter the Blue Casket kitchen and try to use the dish washer. Manny will say "Not to sound like a capitol opressor, but i have people who do that for me". This of course makes no sense as he no longer owns the Calavera Cafe.

Source: Hey sailor,

You can actually get the pigeon eggs without talking to Sal. The reason this is an error is why would Manny go get pigeon eggs for no aparrant reason?

Source: Salvador

Go to Eva's desk next to the hole punch. After punching the playing card stand aside and wave the card at Eva by pressing enter. She will say "Maybe card tricks some other time when I'm not so busy." Now turn about a quarter turn without moving left or right. Hit enter. Manny will say "I don't feel like pitching cards right now."

To activate the glitch, while Manny is saying "I don't feel like pitching cards right now" Turn and face Eva. Before he is through talking press Enter again. Eva will say her line, but it will come out of Manny's mouth.

When you walk out of an elevator and walk back through just before the doors fully close (there must be a small crack between the doors) step back and he walks straight through it.

Source: Lee Rollason