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Monkey Island 5 Announced!
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See the sketches behind the game here
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Welcome to the Department of Death. This website is created for Grim Fandango fans all around the world, allowing them to talk about the game, submit fan work and to find out more about every aspect of the game itself. Register an account in seconds and join the community!
Latest News
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Posted by James on 4th November 09 - Comments: 0

Apologies about the huge amount of spam in the comments recently. A couple of months ago I added reCAPTCHA which worked for a while, but now somehow seems to be useless against spam bots.

So, I've disabled the ability to comment until I can come up with a better solution (maybe that won't be until I release the new version of the site). If anyone has any questions or suggestions you'll have to let me know by private message or with the contact area.

Again, sorry to anyone who got a load of 'new comment on your creation' emails.

Monkey Island 5 Announced!
Posted by James on 1st June 09 - Comments: 16

In a surprise move, close to a decade after the release of the last in the series, it was announced today that Telltale Games will be developing the episodic Tales of Monkey Island, with the first installment to be released July 7th on PC. Many of the original team are involved with the project too, including Dave Grossman, Mike Stemmle and Dominic Armato as the voice of Guybrush.

User posted image

LucasArts also revealed that they are creating a Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition for PC and Xbox Live Arcade, featuring enhanced graphics and voiceovers!

(For anyone who's unaware, Monkey Island was another adventure game series released by LucasArts which is similar in style to Grim Fandango.)

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Random Fan Art
Heartbroken Lola
Heartbroken Lola
By olla - Gallery - 23rd February 07 - Comments: 3

Lola catches Olivia and Maximino together... I think her life in the land of the dead was pretty much a downward spiral since Maximino left her for an...

My old grim2 cover!
My old grim2 cover!
By MannyAQUE - Gallery - 29th November 06 - Comments: 3

Don't be too happy, I would like it too (GF2). This is my very first 3D model of manny in grim2. Sorry for the cubic look...Took long to render.

By Ceuse - Gallery - 3rd August 10 - Comments: 0

Friend of mine did this for me. not realy perfect but it gives a great GF feeling to my small student apartment

Grim Fandanfo Sketches
Grim Fandanfo Sketches
By Malleys - Gallery - 28th November 08 - Comments: 1

Only a rapid drawing.

Random Fan Fiction
Empty Eye Sockets - VampireNaomi

What if Nick was Hector's lawyer instead of Maximino's? What if Manny was in love with Carla? What if Meche had feelings for Domino? And what if Toto and Lola were LSA agents? AU

Chapters - 19 | Comments - 0 | Added - 15th August 2003 | Updated - 15th May 2004

The World to Come - flame mage

Just a one-shot that popped into my head while I was working on "Fleshless Dream," probably influenced by VampireNaomi's brilliant "We Pathetic Fools." It's based on the same simple premise: what would happen if Nick fell in love with Olivia?

Chapters - 1 | Comments - 0 | Added - 21st April 2004 | Updated - 21st April 2004

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Millymoo_22 (guest)

03 Nov 09
9:25 PM

Hey mister, we don't want your Ugg boots. Thanks for the comment though :)


01 Nov 09
6:16 AM

Now THIS would make an outstanding movie, giving us not only the chance to see Manny & co. again, but also to give Burton a perfect chance to display all his weirdo talent. If somebody could do such a flick, that's him.

Number 28
Comments: 6

22 Oct 09
5:06 AM

Can someone clean up the spam in aisle 3? ;)


11 Oct 09
12:38 PM

Maybe the freeze could be avoid by disabling the screensaver.

christain f alavar

07 Oct 09
1:28 AM

i like this because this is my favorite