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"You're not Pierra."
Sigh. Why do the freshies always state the obvious? It was almost like they were still ali- wait, she still did that. In fact, she was doing it right no-
"Who are you?"
Aaaaaaand onto the questions. Either a stupid remark or a stupid question - why couldn't she get an INTELLIGENT client?! Now she was asking the stupid questions. Because she was still on probation for 'stowing' her predecessor's lift stilts in a high-visibility part of the boss's office. That guy was SCARY! She realized now she'd barely gotten away with a warning. Next time, he might even-
"Hey! Pay attention to me!" She glared at the kid, making the fresie cower. Drawing herself up, she proclamed in a loud voice...
"I am Death, conquerer of Life, Time, and the very Universe Itself! All kneel and pray before your -"
"You look like a mummer."
"Sheez, kid, cut me some slack here."
"I am NOT a kid! I'm eleven!"
She groaned. How did she get a headache if she was dead? Thinking about it just made her head hurt worse.
"Stop messing about and bring Pierra to me, chop-chop!"
"I am NOT your-"
"Nursie? Pierra?! BIG SIS! MOMMY! There's a burgular in the house!"
She briefly meditated on gently explaining to her ward that he had died from a candy-induced heart attack....then thought better of it and whacked him in the head with her scythe.

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