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Grim Fandango Article in The Escapist
Posted by James on Tuesday 4th March 2008 @ 11:51 AM

An interesting article has appeared in this week's issue of the online magazine The Escapist talking about Grim Fandango's impressive fan community. It also includes quotes from interviews with us and the webmasters of the Grim Fandango Network. You can see the article, "Walk, Don't Run", here.

We would also like to talk about the Grim Fandango Half-Life 2 Mod. We have a fair amount of content completed, but due to time issues with members of the team, the project has been making very slow progress for a while, and has recently pretty much hit a standstill.

User posted image

However, we are willing to attempt to relaunch it. If we can get together a large enough team, then we'll start working on the project again. If we can't, then it's obvious there isn't enough interest in the mod for it to go ahead. So, if you (or anyone you know) are interested in helping with modelling, mapping, texturing, design or anything else, please let us know, and if there's enough interest we'll be able to continue the project.

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berra's Avatar
Contact berra on MSN Messenger
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26 Oct 08
8:14 AM

I'd love to help out again! Send me a mail or catch me on MSN (:

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