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LOL oliva und lupe
By Mary Morgan - Gallery - Saturday 16th May 2009 @ 10:10 PM

LOL is land of living... incasejoodidntknow...

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Mary Morgan
Mary Morgan's Avatar

Comments: 11

08 Jun 09
9:02 PM

i have a human style Meche, buuuut, it got ruined in the rain, oh and i have inspiration from disney and dreamworks style people

okay i am gonna make a GF animated series when i get a new tablet so stay tuned! at the moment its all concepts

Sanspoof's Avatar
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Comments: 13

08 Jun 09
6:43 PM

This is really really good, how long did it take you to do and have you done any more?

Also, any inspirational artists that helped you develop your style?

Some have days,
Some have hours,
But in the end...

We all push up flowers

Lola's Avatar

Comments: 7

21 May 09
7:18 AM

this is cool

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