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The Calavera Café
By Baruda - Gallery - Thursday 20th March 2008 @ 2:29 AM

A nice wallpaper I made.

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MannyAQUE's Avatar

Comments: 24

28 Jul 08
4:46 PM

this is really beautiful ! great job

One day or another, you'll become a case of flowers...

Manny 4 Meche
Manny 4 Meche's Avatar
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Comments: 29

29 May 08
8:41 AM

It's a good picture. love it

Manuel Calavera: My scythe... I like to keep it next to where my heart used to be.

Bas2888's Avatar

Comments: 10

11 Apr 08
5:02 PM

Always loved de Calavera Cafe :)


10 Apr 08
1:50 PM

Really nice work here. Good to see that the passion for Grim Fandango isn't dead yet :D

Sal's Avatar
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Comments: 4

22 Mar 08
9:45 PM

" I was scared it might be eva !"
that was going on my mind right now, I almost believed it was rendered wohoho o.o
the wallpaper itself is ok, the " mural " is in, but looks a bit weird.

might be just me. you are on the right path.bye

- primitive emotions -


Comments: 53

21 Mar 08
12:56 PM

By 'made' I think they meant that they put the images together, not that they rendered the Calavera Cafe themselves ;)


21 Mar 08
11:12 AM

You made?????!!!!???

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