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Manny's Mask
By mystinsun - Gallery - Sunday 25th March 2007 @ 6:32 AM

Made in Italy...lol

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dex's Avatar
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Comments: 1

20 May 07
3:35 PM

cool mask

berra's Avatar
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Comments: 24

16 Apr 07
9:57 AM

lol (:
looks nice : D

Ostentatious's Avatar
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Comments: 43

27 Mar 07
5:15 PM

This is class. :D

Manny is always great for Mask making and Cosplaying because his face can be so simple to make, and that's certainly not a flaw on his behalf :p


I did a quick search on the subject and came up with a very impressive Manny mask that I have not seen posted on any GF sites (recently ;) - Feel free to point it out if it has been :)):


(Safe for Work) :)

Manuel Calavera:

"What a relief, I was getting concerned that our transport wasn't ostentatious enough."

Leegrimfan's Avatar

Comments: 10

26 Mar 07
11:05 PM

Hey--Manny finally got some skin back on his hands! Nice looking mask!

olla's Avatar

Comments: 27

26 Mar 07
10:24 PM

I would totally adore an in character Manny Calavera video diary if you feel up to it.
PS, I love your animated Max avatar!

I had no feelings about it. It was aloof and licked itself too much, like my cat, Mr. Trotsky.

VampireNaomi's Avatar

Comments: 43

25 Mar 07
9:51 AM

Great work! I've tried that as well, but it didn't work out as nicely as yours.

You double posted this, so I deleted the other.

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