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Heartbroken Lola
By olla - Gallery - Friday 23rd February 2007 @ 8:18 PM

Lola catches Olivia and Maximino together... I think her life in the land of the dead was pretty much a downward spiral since Maximino left her for another woman. I wonder what she was like while alive.

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VampireNaomi's Avatar

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24 Feb 07
12:51 AM

That mural in the back was a nice idea, and Lola's pain comes through pretty strongly. Your work just keeps getting better.

By the way, this idea of Lola being together with Maximino before Olivia came along, is it your personal theory or was there footage in the game to hint that way? Whatever the case, I think it's an interesting POV since I always assumed that Lola loved Maximino but had never got those feelings returned.

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