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Lola and Maximino
By olla - Gallery - Thursday 22nd February 2007 @ 2:16 PM

I wasn't completely attached to Lola, but I can relate with the whole unrequited love thing. Sob! I loved how Manny renamed the SS Limbo to the SS Lola - so sweet. I used a old perfume advertisement as pose reference - I regret doing so because they look too alive (at least I look away the pink on Lola's cheeks! Dead people don't blush!). And the background it (obviously) a screenshot with some photoshop filters.

This is prior to Olivia's arrival to Rubacava. When Lola was happy and Maximino was climbing his way to the top.

Damn you Olivia, you saucy minx!

For those of you that didn't see (or must see again) Take One of Lola, it's still up, just not as accessible. I was all into it while sketching it, but then when it came time to line and colour I lost the spark and it came out looking as such.

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23 Sep 08
1:33 PM

Maximino Maybe in time you will want to be

Leegrimfan's Avatar

Comments: 10

23 Feb 07
5:09 PM

My goodness Olla, your work is so stylish!

You're picture brought an interesting idea up (whether it was intentional or not, is up to you ;)

It looks like there are still clumps of hair on Max. I wonder: if Grim Fandango was a movie, would people look pretty much normal when they are first reaped and then skin and hair would fall off to reveal these stylized skeletons. As you said, Max is just starting out so he looks kind of normal, but as he loses more hope in the 9th underworld he starts to be less human.

My 2C

VampireNaomi's Avatar

Comments: 43

23 Feb 07
2:53 PM

Wow, you made Maximino hot! That's amazing, and the two of them are just adorable in this picture.

I agree with James that you should have kept the other picture as well. You took it down before I had time to comment, and I have to admit that from a viewer's point it is a little annoying that most of the pictures get pulled after a few days. But, eh...

MannyAQUE's Avatar

Comments: 24

23 Feb 07
8:30 AM

Is it the light flash effect of paint shop pro ??? It's very nice!

One day or another, you'll become a case of flowers...


23 Feb 07
5:32 AM

that's awesome!


Comments: 53

22 Feb 07
5:10 PM

Ah you keep changing these... I think you should have kept the Lola one too, it looked great as well in my opinion :)

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