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Glottis (Glottis)

Glottis "Manny, I don't want to be a pianist any more. I'm a mechanic."

Throughout the game, Glottis, the large orange demon, accompanies Manny through his four year journey. Manny and Glottis first meet in the Department of Death garage, where Glottis is hired as the mechanic to repair company cars, which satisfies his love for vehicles.

After Manny's driver is sent home by Domino, Glottis drives Manny to the poisoning in his modified company car, the Bone Wagon. But, this was not what the boss Don Copal wanted, resulting in Glottis getting fired for this. After this Manny and Glottis become great friends and parther up on their journey to find Meche.


Extra Information

  • He is a large orange demon
  • He loves driving and working on vehicles, and if he can't survive if he is away from them for too long
  • Owns the heavily modified D.O.D. company car, known as the Bone Wagon
  • In Year 1 Glottis works as a mechanic for the D.O.D., then in Year 2 as a pianist for Manny in the Calavera Cafe, then in Year 3 as the mechanic for the S.S. Lola.
  • Occupation: Mechanic
  • Voice actor: Alan Blumenfeld